Author: Ray Bolouri

Younger customers are, more often, tech savvier 0

How To Connect with Today’s Younger Customers

Companies striving for success in this current era of business will simply be unable to do so if they neglect the younger customers that are now active consumers, which is why appealing to them...

Frequent communication among employees and their superiors is important just because it gets everyone on the same page. 0

The Benefits of Frequent Employer-Employee Communication

It’s no secret that open lines of communication are helpful. Constant communication is essential in personal and professional aspects. But exactly how important is it to strike up conversations regularly? Obviously, frequent communication among...

Ideal workplace practices 0

Workplace Practices That Keep Bosses and Employees Happy

There’s a delicate balance that always needs to be struck in the workplace by those in charge and those under their supervision. A peaceful working environment is the one most conducive to productivity and...