Can Too Much Technology Integration Turn Out to be A Bad Thing for Businesses?

Technology Integration - Is Too Much of it A Bad Thing for BusinessesThe continued advancement of technology has paved the way for many of today’s modern marvels. Technology integration is unmistakably a good thing, but is there such a thing as having too much of it?

The obvious answer seems to be, no, there is no such thing as too much technology integration, especially since the advancement of society hinges on it to a great degree, but will focusing the microscope further reveal that there are indeed instances wherein too much technology can be a bad thing?

For instance, there’s been a lingering concern that newer forms of technology may soon take jobs away from human employees, thus enabling business owners to cut down on payrolls significantly.

Viewing things that way leaves out a crucial detail, however, and that’s the fact that there remains an important role for people to play even in this more modern business setup.

Instead of taking jobs away from people, technological advancements have made the daily tasks that people need to accomplish easier than they once were, freeing them up to work on other things that require the human touch.

There’s also this belief that relying too much on technology can leave companies vulnerable, that a skilled and determined hacker can do untold amounts of damage that there may be no coming back from.

This again disregards the many ways in which people have come to understand technology better in terms of how to utilize it properly in the workplace. Sure, a hack can still do plenty of damage, but not enough that it may be something companies will not be able to recover from, especially not in this day and age.

Perhaps there is a tipping point when companies may become too reliant on technology integration, but that has not been reached yet, and there is still an incentive to further push the envelope in this regard, to see how much farther technology can still go.

Ray Bolouri

A serial entrepreneur, Ray Bolouri is focused on creating "the next innovation.”

At young age, Ray co-wrote a dental billing software which has since become the defacto standard for dental practices worldwide. Later he helped market and build the 7th largest ISP in the United States.

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