Close Customer-Company Relationships Matter More in this Modern Era of Business

Customer-Company Relationships Matter More in this Modern Era of BusinessNow more than ever, consumers are routinely bombarded with a variety of options, whether they’re looking for new products or asking for more information.

It almost doesn’t matter what product or service they are looking for, there’s rarely ever only one option, and that’s a good thing. The more options to choose from, the better companies compete, and that can result in better goods and services being provided to consumers.

While greater competition in the market can be a good thing for shoppers, the same can’t be said for the companies who will actually have to do the competing.

Unlike before, companies can’t just rely on their products and services to keep customers interested, as there are more factors and competitors to take into consideration, which is why customer-company relationships matter more now than they ever did.

At a certain point, there’s a limit to how good a product or service can be and how much of a great deal it can offer to consumers. The supposed differences between the products and services may also become small enough that they are barely noticeable. Randomness can enter the equation and companies may not want to have their bottom lines determined by luck.

In lieu of allowing luck to play a role in how they do in the market, companies can rely on their close ties with their customers instead.

If all things do end up becoming equal, then a customer having a pre-existing relationship with a particular company can steer them to that familiar entity when the time comes to ultimately make a decision with regards to an upcoming purchase.

Every little edge matters in this modern era of business, and companies who want to remain successful now and in the years ahead will need to acknowledge and value customer-company relationships even more than they did before.

Ray Bolouri

A serial entrepreneur, Ray Bolouri is focused on creating "the next innovation.”

At young age, Ray co-wrote a dental billing software which has since become the defacto standard for dental practices worldwide. Later he helped market and build the 7th largest ISP in the United States.

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